open jdk debug options

Jon Masamitsu Jon.Masamitsu at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 7 20:03:50 PDT 2008

How do you start dbx on java?  And what is dbx saying

Cong Wang wrote:
> Hi all:
>    I am trying to modify some part of the hotspot runtime interpreter
> and I would like to debug that using either dbx or gdb. I have compile
> the file using the following options:
> ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH=/scratch/wang/openjdk-binary-plugs
> ALT_FREETYPE_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/lib
> ALT_FREETYPE_HEADERS_PATH=/usr/local/include
> ALT_CUPS_HEADERS_PATH=/scratch/wang/cups-1.3.8
> ANT_HOME=/usr/sfw
> ALT_OUTPUTDIR=/scratch/wang/java_tm_7
> DEV_ONLY=true
> DEBUG=true
>     I am not able to use dbx to debug java in the ALT_OUTPUTDIR/bin
> directory. I would like to set a break point at
> hotspot/src/cpu/sparc/vm/assembler_sparc.cpp
> MacroAssembler::compiler_lock_object function. I have tried to use the
> dbx pathmap command but it doesn't seem to help dbx to locate the
> source file or the function definition.
>    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any comment.

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