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Cong Wang jameswang99 at
Tue Oct 7 21:15:40 PDT 2008

Hi Jon:
    I went into the  ALT_OUTPUTDIR/bin
start dbx with :
dbx java
For information about new features see `help changes'
To remove this message, put `dbxenv suppress_startup_message 7.6' in your .dbxrc
Reading java
Reading /usr/lib/
Reading /lib/
Reading /scratch/wang/java_tm_7/lib/sparc/jli/
Reading /lib/
Reading /lib/

then I map the src file foler into the current folder, using pathmap

pathmap /scratch/wang/openjdk/hotspot/src/cpu/sparc/vm

after the pathmap, I try to find the function using

whereis compiler_lock_object

there is no output.

But I know that function is in
/scratch/wang/java_tm_7/lib/sparc/server/, therefore
I use the following to load the shared library:
loadobject -load /scratch/wang/java_tm_7/lib/sparc/server/
Reading /scratch/wang/java_tm_7/lib/sparc/server/
Loaded loadobject: /scratch/wang/java_tm_7/lib/sparc/server/

now, when I use whereis to find compiler_lock_object, I got:
 whereis compiler_lock_object
     [non -g, demangles to:

Then, I set a break point using:
stop in compiler_lock_object
dbx: warning: 'compiler_lock_object' has no debugger info -- will
trigger on first instruction
(2) stop in MacroAssembler::compiler_lock_object(RegisterImpl*,RegisterImpl*,RegisterImpl*,RegisterImpl*,BiasedLockingCounters*)

So, I run my application in the debugger

run -server -Xcomp -Xbatch -Xss128k -XX:NewSize=256m -Xnoclassgc
-verbose:gc -classpath /scratch/wang/java_tm_7/bin/

(process id 25142)
dbx: process 25142 about to exec("/scratch/wang/java_tm_7/bin/java")
dbx: program "/scratch/wang/java_tm_7/bin/java" just exec'ed
dbx: to go back to the original program use "debug $oprog"
t at 1 (l at 1) stopped in main at 0x00010d30
0x00010d30: main       :        save     %sp, -128, %sp

(dbx) cont
t at 2 (l at 2) signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address) in (unknown)
at 0xfc063710
0xfc063710:     ld       [%o0 + 4], %l0
Current function is jni_invoke_nonstatic (optimized)
 1084     JavaCalls::call(result, method, &java_args, CHECK);

I will never get to my break point. But if I run this outside dbx,
everything works fine.

SynchronizedCounter is a small multi-threaed java program I wrote to
test the jvm. It has two threads try to grab a lock and increment a
shared counter.
It works fine but I want to change how the jvm manages the lock, so I
want to stop the program when jvm creates a lock and acquires it.

Thanks for any comment you may have in advance.

James Wang

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Jon Masamitsu <Jon.Masamitsu at> wrote:
> How do you start dbx on java?  And what is dbx saying
> exactly?
> Cong Wang wrote:
>> Hi all:
>>   I am trying to modify some part of the hotspot runtime interpreter
>> and I would like to debug that using either dbx or gdb. I have compile
>> the file using the following options:
>> ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH=/scratch/wang/openjdk-binary-plugs
>> ALT_FREETYPE_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/lib
>> ALT_FREETYPE_HEADERS_PATH=/usr/local/include
>> ALT_CUPS_HEADERS_PATH=/scratch/wang/cups-1.3.8
>> ANT_HOME=/usr/sfw
>> ALT_OUTPUTDIR=/scratch/wang/java_tm_7
>> DEV_ONLY=true
>> DEBUG=true
>>    I am not able to use dbx to debug java in the ALT_OUTPUTDIR/bin
>> directory. I would like to set a break point at
>> hotspot/src/cpu/sparc/vm/assembler_sparc.cpp
>> MacroAssembler::compiler_lock_object function. I have tried to use the
>> dbx pathmap command but it doesn't seem to help dbx to locate the
>> source file or the function definition.
>>   Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any comment.

James Wang

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