Old compiler settings in amd64.make

Paul Hohensee Paul.Hohensee at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 28 07:04:34 PDT 2008

I put it in there, but I don't remember what the issue was.  I found
quite a few SS10 compiler bugs during the initial port because the
SS10 amd64 port was quite new at the time.  Presumably the bugs
I filed at the time (2004, I think) have been fixed.


David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> build/solaris/makefiles/amd64.make contains this snippet:
> # Temporary until SS10 C++ compiler is fixed
> OPT_CFLAGS/generateOptoStub.o = -xO2
> OPT_CFLAGS/thread.o = -xO2
> given we're now on SS12 can this be removed? Anyone recall what was 
> broken?
> Thanks,
> David Holmes

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