Backporting an AsyncGetCallTrace patch to OpenJDK6

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu Sep 11 00:53:12 PDT 2008

2008/9/11 Daniel D. Daugherty <Daniel.Daugherty at>:
> Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On Wed, 2008-09-10 at 16:47 -0600, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
> P-Team stands for "Product Team" I think :-)
> Those are the Sun folks that make the business decisions about
> HotSpot Express. The HotSpot P-Team approved the current
> versioning system that is used for HotSpot Express releases
> so they need to be kept in the loop when there are issues
> with HSX version numbers.
> Thanks. Which brings a followup question. What is "HotSpot Express"?
> Just the name given to the idea of releasing VMs independently
> of JDK/JRE releases. I'm sure someone else out there has a
> better definition... :-)

I think an OpenJDK glossary is in order, if we don't already have one... ;)

> The thing I am really after is making sure that the versions of hotspot
> that we ship with IcedTea in the various GNU/Linux distributions are
> good. We actually have two versions, one from openjdk6 with a couple of
> backports from the openjdk7 hotspot repo for crashes found with running
> various applications (like eclipse). And one older snapshot of the
> hotspot from openjdk7 that is used to base the zero/shark port on. It
> would be good if we coordinated on good known stable versions of hotspot
> whenever possible.
> I'll leave this part of the question to someone with the
> OpenJDK6 or OpenJDK7 projects.
> My interest in this whole thread is the AsyncGetCallTrace stuff. :-)
> Dan

FWIW, I don't see any change to the HS_ version numbers in our
patch to switch from OpenJDK6 b11's to OpenJDK7 b24's HotSpot.
Given OpenJDK6 was derived from something like b20, I guess this is
not that strange.

Andrew :-)

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