Atomic::cmpxchg_ptr code duplication

Coleen Phillimore - Sun Microsystems Coleen.Phillimore at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 2 14:03:17 PDT 2009

I thought we had the extra version because of overloading compilation 
errors, but if you've tested it everywhere, it's probably fine.  Did you 
test against the newer pickier gcc?


On 04/02/09 16:57, Christian Thalinger wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 13:54 -0700, John Coomes wrote:
>> Paul Hohensee (Paul.Hohensee at Sun.COM) wrote:
>>> Sometimes compilers don't inline all the way through a call stack,
>>> i.e., they may have limits on inlining depth.  It's not a matter for
>>> the preprocessor, since we're talking methods, not macros.
>>> Assembly code template are things like gcc asm statements or
>>> .il functions.  Doesn't matter which.  What matters is whether the
>>> compiler actually inlines the asm code where you want it.
>> That's the kind of thing I was actually wondering about, along with
>> portability--consolidating them only works if sizeof(void*) ==
>> sizeof(intptr_t) on every platform.  They're the same on the platforms
>> SE supports, but maybe there are some oddball embedded platforms
>> around.
> The only one I can think of is s390, which has 31-bit addresses.
> -- Christian
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