Why "jobject" in JNI part is always outside Java heap?

Colin(Du Li) dawn2004 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 15:33:53 PDT 2009

Hello, I have a question related to JNI of hotspot.
According to my undestanding, a jobject is representation of java object in
JNI part, so it should reside in Java heap.
I check the "jobject" on stack, I find it is always outside the java heap.
(I give an example as follows.)
Is it correct? 

for the method: virtual jobject
The stack is below:
 - local  [0x73f37e40] ; #0
 - local  [0x73f38c80] ; #1
 - stack  [0x73f38c80] ; #1
 - stack  [0x73f37e40] ; #0
 - monitor[0xbfd21c78]
 - bcp    [0xb3f31194] ; @16
 - locals [0xbfd21cf4]
 - method [0xb3f311c0] ; virtual jobject

We can see two jobjects' addresses are:0x73f38c80, 0x73f37e40

But at this time I dump the heap layout, get information as below:

 def new generation   total 7936K, used 285K [0x73f40000, 0x747d0000,
  eden space 7104K,   4% used [0x73f40000, 0x73f874c0, 0x74630000)
  from space 832K,   0% used [0x74630000, 0x74630000, 0x74700000)
  to   space 832K,   0% used [0x74700000, 0x74700000, 0x747d0000)
 tenured generation   total 63360K, used 0K [0x7b100000, 0x7eee0000,
   the space 63360K,   0% used [0x7b100000, 0x7b100000, 0x7b100200,
 tenured generation   total 6976K, used 0K [0xae440000, 0xaeb10000,
   the space 6976K,   0% used [0xae440000, 0xae440000, 0xae440800,
 compacting perm gen  total 16384K, used 1826K [0xb3f40000, 0xb4f40000,
   the space 16384K,  11% used [0xb3f40000, 0xb41089a0, 0xb4108a00,
No shared spaces configured.

The java heap starts from 0x73f40000, so I can tell two jobjects' addresses
(0x73f38c80, 0x73f37e40) reside outside Java heap.
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