UseNUMA on Linux

Олег Олейник oleg.v.oleinik at
Tue Apr 28 10:47:36 PDT 2009


Latest Itanium specific changes of JDK 6 are not available in OpenJDK.

I posted the answer to Mark's question regarding UseNUMA on Itanium Linux to Sun Forums / BigAdmin / Troubleshooting forum.

Please see here:


> Subject: UseNUMA on Linux
> From: Mark R Maxey <Mark_R_Maxey at>
> Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 08:20:21 -0500
> To: hotspot-dev at
> CC: Mark R Maxey <Mark_R_Maxey at>
> Does anyone know the status of the -XX:+UseNUMA flag on Linux? 
> Specifically, I'm interested in its use on Itanium 64 bit SUSE Linux.

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