Tracing VM Threads on Linux

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Thanks a bunch.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

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Re: Tracing VM Threads on Linux

Hi Mark,

you can for example use "jstack <pid>" to get a stack dump of all
threads which are running in a VM. Among other information, the thread
dump contains the thread name and a field "nid" which corresponds to
the SPID you see when you do "ps -T".

Hope this helps,

On 4/27/09, Mark R Maxey <Mark_R_Maxey at> wrote:
> Is there a way to correlate a SUSE 10 PID to a Java thread?  If you do a 
> -T", you can see a unique SPID for each Java thread.  However, the CMD
> column is all "java".
> We periodically like to do an strace on a running JVM.  It is nice to be
> able to correlate the information we see there back to our debug logs 
> contain the Java thread name & group name.
> Thanks!
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