[FOR REVIEW] hs14 merge for OpenJDK6

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 4 18:08:16 PDT 2009

Andrew wrote:

>> It looks like pushing isn't working too well though:
>> pushing to ssh://andrew@hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk6/jdk6-gate/hotspot
>> searching for changes
>> remote: adding changesets
>> remote: abort: Permission denied:
>> /hg/jdk6/jdk6-gate/hotspot/.hg/store/00changelog.i
>> abort: unexpected response: empty string
>> I've pushed to various trees before (tl, awt, build, icedtea, cvmi) so
>> I'm guessing this might be related to some permission issues following
>> the replacement of hotspot?
>> Any ideas? CCing Mark Reinhold as well as he manages hg.

Mark is on vacation, so I took a look at this.  The problem seems to
be that some files on hg.ojn belong to group 'green' instead of group 'hg'.
I reset that.

Andrew: please try your push again and let us know how it works.


P.S.: the 'green' group dates back to the early days of the 'Oak' project-
long before this thing called Java[tm] was unleashed on the world.  It is
still around.

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