Math trig intrinsics and compiler options

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2009/8/7 Ian Rogers < at>:
> 2009/8/6 Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at>:
>> 2009/8/6 Joseph D. Darcy <Joe.Darcy at>:
>>> My preferred long-term approach is to port the FDLIBM C code to Java, which
>>> I've wanted to do for a while, but has never bubbled to the top of my to-do
>>> list.
>> I don't know the full history of it (perhaps mjw can shed some more
>> light), but as far as I'm aware, the Java StrictMath methods in GNU
>> Classpath were written as exactly this: Java versions of the fdlibm
>> code.  Developers of Java-based VMs such as JNode and JikesRVM
>> preferred these, because they didn't have to incur the cost of
>> dropping out to native code.
> Hi Andrew,
> I don't think we ever implemented this other than in the (never
> released) Jamaica port of Jikes RVM. Chris Kirkham did that port of
> fdlibm, perhaps he'd like to share the code :-)
> Ian
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At a naive glance, this:

does seem to have the algorithms (at least <1.6) implemented in Java.
It even credits fdlibm.
Andrew :-)

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