[PATCH FOR REVIEW]: Make source/target options explicit for MakeDeps and jvmti

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Tue Aug 18 06:42:02 PDT 2009

The makeDeps and jvmti bootstrap tools are built without explicit
source and target options.

This webrev:


sets them to 6 explicitly. The change has to be replicated three
times, because for some reason, the javac invocations are in
platform-specific makefiles.  I've tested the change successfully on
GNU/Linux, where it allows ecj to be used as javac.  ecj defaults to
<1.5 and thus otherwise fails to build.  I've assumed that the same
changes are applicable for Solaris and Windows, and that the source
and target options don't have to be written in Latin or something to
work on these platforms.

Is this ok to push?

Andrew :-)

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