Build hotspot only in IcedTea after a complete build.

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Fri Aug 21 06:31:41 PDT 2009

2009/8/21 Gary Benson <gbenson at>:
> Nagy Mostafa wrote:
>> I am having trouble compiling hotspot only in IcedTea6. I build
>> IcedTea with Zero as follows:
>> ./configure --enable-zero; make;
>> Now, I want to modify the bytecode interpreter.  What is the
>> simplest way to compile hotspot only without compiling all of
>> IcedTea.  I tried "make hotspot", but sometimes it doesn't detect
>> my code changes and even worse the build breaks occasionally.
> IcedTea has a two stage build when you configure it that way.  The
> first stage is a bootstrap: it builds OpenJDK using GCJ and ECJ.
> The bootstrapped OpenJDK lives in "openjdk-ecj".  The second stage
> builds OpenJDK with the bootstrapped OpenJDK.  This final OpenJDK
> lives in "openjdk".
> The "make hotspot" rule in IcedTea rebuilds the HotSpot in the
> bootstrap VM in "openjdk-ecj".  So, to use "make hotspot" you
> need to do an initial build like this:
>  ./configure --enable-zero
>  make icedtea-against-ecj
> This will build the bootstrap VM only.  Now you can edit the code
> in "openjdk-ecj" and rebuild like this:
>  make hotspot

Doesn't this mean that 'make hotspot' is broken when you perform a
--with-icedtea build?  If so, that's a bug.  Not sure how to solve it
offhand though.

>> Also, how can you do a "make clean" for hotspot only.
> The easiest way is this:
>  rm -Rf openjdk-ecj/build/*/hotspot
> ...and then do "make hotspot" again.

hotspot seems to be about the only thing we don't have a clean-* rule for :)

> Cheers,
> Gary
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