SA and disassemblers

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 26 15:55:12 PDT 2009

One of the limitations of the current SA is that it doesn't have a  
disassembler for amd64 which makes looking at 64 bit cores somewhat  
challenging.  Instead of trying to implement a full disassembler for  
x64 in Java I think we should switch the SA to using hsdis-arch for  
the decoding.  It requires a minor extension to the  
decode_instructions interface so that we can disassemble a buffer of  
code that's not physically located where the code came from.  I've got  
a working version of this that also fixes the printing to match up  
better with what the JVM itself prints.  I was planning on blowing  
away the other disassemblers completely because they don't really fit  
into the new model.  I thought I'd float this before finishing it to  
see if there are any concerns.  The initial webrev is at 
.  This includes building the SA with source 1.5 to allow use of  
printf which will probably be pushed separately.


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