hg: hsx/hsx16/baseline: 6909480: Disable Escape Analysis in jdk6u18

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 10 22:39:32 PST 2009

Yes, users will not be able to switch it on in jdk6u18.

Currently it is still experimental optimization
and it could produce incorrect results.

Use early access jdk7 if you want to try it.


On 12/10/09 10:14 PM, Ismael Juma wrote:
> Hey Vladimir,
>   <vladimir.kozlov at ...>  writes:
>> 6909480: Disable Escape Analysis in jdk 6u18
>> Summary: Disable Escape Analysis in jdk 6u18.
> Does this mean that escape analysis will be disabled in 6u18 even if a user
> explicitly enables it? If so, is it a stability issue? Sorry if this has been
> discussed already (I looked for a previous discussion, but did not find it).
> Thanks,
> Ismael

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