Trouble with hsdis on Itanium

Dennis Byrne dennisbyrne at
Fri Dec 18 07:17:11 PST 2009

After compiling and running jdk1.6.0_17 with " -server
-XX:PrintAssemblyOptions=hsdis-print-bytes" I am getting this error.
Any help would be appreciated.  Does "please port hsdis to this
platform" mean I am SOL?  Has anyone done this before?

CompilerOracle: print WriterReader.write
Compiled (c2)   1   nmethod WriterReader::write (10 bytes)
 total in heap  [0x2000000001de6b50,0x2000000001de6db0] = 608
 relocation     [0x2000000001de6c88,0x2000000001de6c98] = 16
 main code      [0x2000000001de6ca0,0x2000000001de6d40] = 160
 stub code      [0x2000000001de6d40,0x2000000001de6d80] = 64
 scopes data    [0x2000000001de6d80,0x2000000001de6d88] = 8
 scopes pcs     [0x2000000001de6d88,0x2000000001de6da0] = 24
 dependencies   [0x2000000001de6da0,0x2000000001de6da8] = 8
 oops           [0x2000000001de6da8,0x2000000001de6db0] = 8
Loaded disassembler from
Decoding compiled method 0x2000000001de6b50:
hsdis: bad native mach=architecture not set in Makefile!; please port
hsdis to this platform
hsdis output options:
  mach=<arch>   select disassembly mode
  help          print this message
[Disassembling for mach='unknown']
OopMapSet contains 0 OopMaps

Dennis Byrne

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