Socket usage in PlainSocketImpl.initProto()

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 23 11:18:33 PST 2009

Jeffrey Sinclair wrote:
> hotspot-dev,
> I've been looking at the lsof output of my hotspot process and noticed
> the following:
> java    14429 jeffsinc    8r  sock     0,4             3932632 can't
> identify protocol
> The above appears on the first ServerSocket that is ever opened and
> remains after all ServerSockets have been closed. After a little
> investigation I've found that the socket is opened in the initialization
> of the PlainSocketImpl class, specifically in the native initProto()
> method.
> I'm curious to know what is done in the network stack initialization
> phase that requires a socket to be opened as well as for the socket to
> remain open thereafter.
> Jeff
This sounds like the loopback connection that is used for the 
asynchronous close mechanism. You might want to bring this up on the 
net-dev mailing list to get more details.


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