Fix warnings occurring with gcc 4.3

Xiaobin Lu Xiaobin.Lu at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 3 14:28:16 PST 2009

On 02/03/09 14:24, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> 2009/2/3 Xiaobin Lu <Xiaobin.Lu at>:
>> Did you check out the latest code? Those you pointed out have been already
>> fixed.
>> -Xiaobin
>> On 02/03/09 12:30, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>> A number of warnings are thrown when compiling the HotSpot code with
>>> gcc 4.3, all of which are related to the incorrect use of printf
>>> format specifiers.  As HotSpot is built with -Werror, these cause the
>>> build to fail.  The attached patch against OpenJDK7 fixes them.
> They are not fixed in b45.
b45 is the latest promoted build. 
should have those what you are trying to fix. Those will show up in the 
next promotion build.


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