How to host HS14 stable? (Was: RFC: Change name of default HotSpot to 'default')

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Wed Feb 18 02:11:18 PST 2009

> That would be good, then we are all pushing at the same code base for
>  stabilization. What does "Express" stand for?

It's just the code name for the fact that a specific JDK (JDK 6 in
this case) contains a HotSpot from a newer JDK (JDK 7, which you are
not allowed to call JDK7 until now:). This didn't happend in the past
(i.e. in Java releases before 6) and was started with JDK 6u4 which
contained HS10 from JDK7.

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