Question about the mapping of oopDesc and KlassOop

Colin(Du Li) dawn2004 at
Wed Feb 18 09:56:14 PST 2009

Make sense.
Thanks a lot!

Du Li

Keith McGuigan wrote:
> Colin(Du Li) wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> Then, every java class has only one klassOop object in the heap, or it
>> can
>> have more one klassOop instance?
> There are a couple of data structures that correspond to a "java class", 
> one of them is an instanceKlassOop, which is what the VM uses to hold 
> most of the class information.  Another is the java-level mirror (which 
> is a normal Java instance object (instanceOop), and what you get when 
> you call getClass() or use X.class in Java).   But yes, there is only 
> one instanceKlass and mirror object per "Java class".
> --
> - Keith

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