How to trace the hotspot bytecode interpreter

Gary Benson gbenson at
Thu Feb 19 04:51:42 PST 2009

Hi Colin,

What platform are you using?  If you are on x86, x86_64 or sparc (and
you haven't messed with the build to enable the C++ interpreter) then
nothing in bytecodeInterpreter.cpp is ever used.


Colin(Du Li) wrote:
> I know the byte interpreter implementation is mainly in
> bytecodeInterpreter.cpp, but it doesn't allow me set break point in
> this file. I wanna trace the bytecode interpreter. Where can I put
> break pointer?  Where is the entrance to bytecodeInterpreter.cpp,
> that is, in Hotpot, which classes will call the methods in
> bytecodeInterpreter.cpp?
> Thanks.


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