How to trace the hotspot bytecode interpreter

Gary Benson gbenson at
Thu Feb 19 08:40:29 PST 2009

Colin(Du Li) wrote:
> Thank you very much for your explanation!

No problem :)

> I still have two questions.
> 1. If I wanna add a read barrier to bytecode interpreter, which will
> trap all the object access in bytecode, where should I put this read
> barrier?

I don't know, I'm not familiar with the template interpreter.

> 2. What is the bytecodeInterpreter.cpp used for? It seems to have a
> lot of bytecode interpreter thing as follows:
>       CASE(_aload):
>           SET_STACK_OBJECT(LOCALS_OBJECT(pc[1]), 0);

The stuff in bytecodeInterpreter.cpp is used for platforms other than
X86 and Sparc.  At Red Hat we use it on PowerPC, ARM, zSeries, IA-64,
and probably others I forgot.



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