Tiered compilation?

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Wed May 20 17:03:13 PDT 2009

It's slightly back burnered at the moment but it's not parked.  Steve  
Goldman had been working on a compilation policy for tiered and had a  
working prototype of the policy before he passed away.  Recently Igor  
started looking at his changes with an eye towards cleaning them up  
and getting them working again. Hopefully we'll know better where we  
stand soon.


On May 19, 2009, at 8:44 AM, Charles Oliver Nutter wrote:

> Gary Benson wrote:
>> Christian Thalinger wrote:
>>> AFAIK, no.  Igor Veresov is currently working on tiered compilation,
>>> but I don't know what the status is and if it's on the top of his
>>> TODO list.
>> ISTR someone on one of the open conference calls saying that tiered
>> compilation was now very much on the back burner.
> That is unfortunate :( For heavy command-line environments like  
> JRuby it held a lot of hope for reasonably fast startup with no perf  
> impact. I hope something will happen to bring it forward again.
> - Charlie

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