Imminent push of HSX14 to OpenJDK6...

Erik Trimble Erik.Trimble at Sun.COM
Thu May 21 16:02:20 PDT 2009


I'm just waiting to close out the voting on the sponsoring of the new
HSX repositories. Voting closes friday, and approval is all but assured.

On this note, I plan to update the contents of HSX14 with the latest of
our bugfixes (there are a couple of important ones which need to go in
before declaring HSX14 as "stable") immediately after voting closes.

Thereafter, the consensus has been that I should push HSX14 into the
OpenJDK6 hotspot repository.

Three points here (and, I apologize in that we've discussed them

(a) I'd like to tag the current OpenJDK6/hotspot repo with a Hg tag
indicating that the current tip is the last HS11 changeset.  I'd like to
use a tag format similar to what we current use internally - that is,
the tag will be "hsxX-bY", so, in this case, it would be "hsx11-b17".  I
realize this isn't strictly true right now, as the current
OpenJDK6/hotspot contents are heavily modified from the original
HS11-b17, but I think it will do as a starting point.

(b) I'm going to look at doing a changeset transplant/migration from
HSX14 to OpenJDK6, but I suspect that it's going to be a complete mess
to do so.  In that spirit of things, I'd like to instead do the push as
a SINGLE CHANGESET.  The changeset comments will include a complete list
of all HS bugs fixed in HS11-b17 though HS14-b08, minus of course those
which are already fixed in the OpenJDK6/hotspot repo. 

(c) after (b), I'm going to tag the repo with a "hsx14-b08" tag, to
indicate this is where things started for HSX14 in the OpenJDK6/hotspot


Assuming no objections, (a) will be done no later than Saturday
(23.05.2009).  I'll work on (b) next week, so (b) should be done no
later than Friday (29.05.2009), with (c) to be done immediately after

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