Imminent push of HSX14 to OpenJDK6...

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu May 21 17:34:48 PDT 2009

2009/5/22 Erik Trimble <Erik.Trimble at>:
> Folks,
> I'm just waiting to close out the voting on the sponsoring of the new
> HSX repositories. Voting closes friday, and approval is all but assured.
> On this note, I plan to update the contents of HSX14 with the latest of
> our bugfixes (there are a couple of important ones which need to go in
> before declaring HSX14 as "stable") immediately after voting closes.
> Thereafter, the consensus has been that I should push HSX14 into the
> OpenJDK6 hotspot repository.

What consensus?  I just remember the discussion being left after we
could maintain it in OJ6 or in HSX14.  I really don't see the point in
having a clone of it in OpenJDK6 which has to be continuously synced.

> Three points here (and, I apologize in that we've discussed them
> before):
> (a) I'd like to tag the current OpenJDK6/hotspot repo with a Hg tag
> indicating that the current tip is the last HS11 changeset.  I'd like to
> use a tag format similar to what we current use internally - that is,
> the tag will be "hsxX-bY", so, in this case, it would be "hsx11-b17".  I
> realize this isn't strictly true right now, as the current
> OpenJDK6/hotspot contents are heavily modified from the original
> HS11-b17, but I think it will do as a starting point.

Why is this not being done in the HSX repo?

> (b) I'm going to look at doing a changeset transplant/migration from
> HSX14 to OpenJDK6, but I suspect that it's going to be a complete mess
> to do so.  In that spirit of things, I'd like to instead do the push as
> a SINGLE CHANGESET.  The changeset comments will include a complete list
> of all HS bugs fixed in HS11-b17 though HS14-b08, minus of course those
> which are already fixed in the OpenJDK6/hotspot repo.

As I already reported, the different between current OpenJDK6 HotSpot
and changeset 0 in HSX are whitespace differences.  A forced pull of 0
and a merge would then allow the other changesets to be placed on top.

> (c) after (b), I'm going to tag the repo with a "hsx14-b08" tag, to
> indicate this is where things started for HSX14 in the OpenJDK6/hotspot
> repo.

What is special about b08? HSX is on b13 IIRC.

> Timetable:
> Assuming no objections, (a) will be done no later than Saturday
> (23.05.2009).  I'll work on (b) next week, so (b) should be done no
> later than Friday (29.05.2009), with (c) to be done immediately after
> (b).
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