Tools for analysing -XX:+LogCompilation output

Ben Evans ben.evans at
Thu Nov 12 02:06:59 PST 2009


I hope this mail is appropriate to the group - if there's a doc or a Fine 
Wiki I ought to be reading instead, please point me at it.

I am trying to analyse the output of LogCompilation XML logs, and can't 
find a suitable tool. 

The sort of questions I would like answers to are:

1) Which of my methods are being inlined?
2) Given a method m and an integer d, which methods at call-depth < d from 
m are compiled by HS? Which are inlined?

I see some rather odd results between Solaris 10 and Linux, and am seeking 
better insight. My current line of attack is parsing the XML output by 
LogCompilation, but if there's an existing tool or a better approach, I'd 
love to hear about it. 


Ben Evans
eFX Algorithmic Trading
Deutsche Bank, London
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