synchronization on non-escaping objects

Vijay Kandy vkandy at
Thu Nov 19 11:54:13 PST 2009


I am trying to understand synchronization on non-escaping objects. The
JIT'd code isn't very clear to me so I am looking for some help here.
When getX() in Test class gets compiled, Hotspot (fastdebug jdk6
update 18) generates the following code:

public class Test {
	private final char X = 'x';

	public char getX() {
		synchronized (this) {
			return X;

getX() method when +XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis is used:

00c   B1: #	B6 B2 <- BLOCK HEAD IS JUNK   Freq: 1
00c   	# stack bang
	SUB    ESP,24	# Create frame
01a   	MOV    EBP,ECX
01c   	MOV    EAX,[ECX]	# int
01e   	MOV    EBX,EAX
020   	AND    EBX,#7
023   	CMP    EBX,#5
026   	Jne,s  B6  P=0.000001 C=-1.000000
028   B2: #	B10 B3 <- B1  Freq: 0.999999
028   	MOV    ECX,FS:[0x00]
02f   	MOV    ESI,[ECX + TLS::thread_ptr_offset()]
035   	MOV    EBX,precise klass Test: 0x0406c610:Constant:exact *
03a   	MOV    ECX,[EBX + #104]	# int
03d   	MOV    EDI,ECX
03f   	OR     EDI,ESI
041   	MOV    EBX,EDI
043   	XOR    EBX,EAX
045   	TEST   EBX,#-121
04b   	Jne    B10  P=0.000001 C=-1.000000
051   B3: #	B8 B4 <- B7 B6 B2 B14  Freq: 1
051   	MEMBAR-acquire (prior CMPXCHG in FastLock so empty encoding)
051   	MEMBAR-release ! (empty encoding)
051   	MOV    ECX,#7
056   	AND    ECX,[EBP]
059   	CMP    ECX,#5
05c   	Jne,s  B8  P=0.000001 C=-1.000000
05e   B4: #	N152 <- B9 B8 B3  Freq: 1
05e   	MOV    EAX,#120
063   	ADD    ESP,24	# Destroy frame
	TEST   PollPage,EAX	! Poll Safepoint
06d   	RET

The label B6 does a FASTLOCK and B8 does a FASTUNLOCK. As there are no
instructions between MEMBAR-acquire and MEMBAR-release, does that mean
synchronization is elided? What purpose do they serve in this

However, when I re-write the method as shown below:

public char getX() {
	synchronized (new Object()) {
		return X; // final field

the method is compiled as follows:

00c   B1: #	N14 <- BLOCK HEAD IS JUNK   Freq: 1
00c   	PUSHL  EBP
	SUB    ESP,8	# Create frame
013   	MOV    EAX,#120
018   	ADD    ESP,8	# Destroy frame
	TEST   PollPage,EAX	! Poll Safepoint
022   	RET

Also, I'd deeply appreciate the kindness if someone can compare the 2
method bodies and explain why they are compiled differently.


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