PING 3: [PATCH FOR REVIEW]: Make source/target options explicit for MakeDeps and jvmti

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Sun Sep 6 06:42:20 PDT 2009

2009/9/5 John Coomes <John.Coomes at>:
> Andrew John Hughes (gnu_andrew at wrote:
>> 2009/9/4 John Coomes <John.Coomes at>:
>> > Andrew John Hughes (gnu_andrew at wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Hello?
>> >>
>> >> Can I push this change or not?
>> >
>> > I've had two high priority things come up.  I'll take a look later
>> > today.
>> >
>> Ok, thanks John.  It's just a bit worrying when things go all silent :)
>> To recap, the changeset passed the Sun build you ran for me, and I
>> think we resolved all the issues from the comments.  So, as far as I'm
>> aware, it should be okay now, fingers crossed.
> Unfortunately, your changes break when builds are done the way many
> (most?) long-time HotSpot developers do them, which is
>        cd <repo>/make/solaris  # or linux or windows
>        gmake fastdebug         # on windows it's nmake debug or build.bat ...
> That's the traditional way to make HotSpot, has been for most of a
> decade.  The new JAVAC_FLAGS aren't passed down; most likely because
> defs.make isn't read.
> FWIW, the automated build system (JPRT) starts a build like this:
>        cd <repo>/make
>        gmake fastdebug
> This was added a few years ago.  Would be nice to have 'one build to
> rule them all' but others have to agree before we can give up the old
> way.

Ok so this sounds like we need to go back to something similar to what
I started with, and patch each individual platform Makefile.  Is that

> Also, in prior email I suggested:
>> ..., if you update JAVAC_COMPILE to include BOOTSTRAP_JAVAC_FLAGS (or
>> whatever it is), and the SA makefile also includes -source/-target
>> options on the command-line, the latter will override the ones in
>> BOOTSTRAP_JAVAC_FLAGS (the SA command line may need to include both
>> -source and -target).  At least try it, I think it'll be a simpler change.

Ok, I must have missed this.  It sounds a good idea and in the long
term I presume we want to get rid of the SA overrides anyway.

> -John

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