Bugids already used in this repository (Re: [FOR REVIEW] hs14 merge for OpenJDK6)

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 11 10:30:16 PDT 2009


Yes, please file a bug and push the changes; I approve these changes 
going back.


Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> I think a bugid will be needed to push in the changesets that
> change the .jcheck/conf files in jdk6, shall I file one?
> One bugid should cover all of the jdk6 repositories.
> And I could push the changes in if need be, just say the word.
> -kto
> Mark Reinhold wrote:
>> I've updated the jcheck extension to allow the unique-bugid
>> restriction to be disabled, and I've disabled that check in
>> the jdk6 forest.
>> Joe: For the benefit of those using jcheck in their working
>> repos I suggest you update the .jcheck/conf file in each repo
>> to read:
>>     project=jdk6
>>     whitespace=lax
>>     comments=lax
>>     bugids=dup
>> As for the extension itself, I'm working to get it published
>> externally, hopefully in the next week or two.
>> - Mark

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