PING 3: [PATCH FOR REVIEW]: Make source/target options explicit for MakeDeps and jvmti

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Sun Sep 13 12:46:24 PDT 2009

Andrew John Hughes (gnu_andrew at wrote:
> 2009/9/11 John Coomes <John.Coomes at>:
> > Andrew John Hughes (gnu_andrew at wrote:
> > Note that we (hotspot) use an auto-build system called jprt for all
> > changes; it builds & tests on all platforms and does the push if
> > everything is clean.  If you create a changeset that jcheck will
> > accept I'll submit it for you to jprt.  Include me as a reviewer
> > (jcoomes).
> >
> > You can publish the repo or generate a patch w/hg headers using 'hg
> > export'.
> >
> ...
> The exported patch is attached.  It builds for me, so I hope all
> finally goes well with the push :)

After trying a windows build (successful), I submitted your patch to
jprt, it will take a couple of hours.

Administrivia:  I imported the patch into a copy of the current
hotspot-rt repo, effectively rebasing it; it applied cleanly.  I also
removed the Contributed-by: line from the comment since you have
commit rights and the changeset lists you as the author.  When to use
the Contributed-by: line should be more clearly spelled out in the
relevant part of the Developer's Guide[1].  I'll send a note to
web-discuss about it.



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