Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 18 13:47:22 PDT 2009

Eric J. Van der Velden wrote:

> I build the JDK by doing
> $ make debug_build ALT...
> Now when I use jdb I cannot step into a method of a system type, for example
> java.util.HashSet.<init>().

By default jdb will not step into (or hit breakpoints) in the core
implementation classes because it was felt that programmers would be
more interested in their own code.

jdb starts with a default exclude pattern of:

(When in jdb, type 'help' for information about the exclude command).

> Why not, because java/util/HashSet.java is compiled with -g ?

If you issue the command 'exclude none' in jdb, you will turn off
this behavior.

BTW - I agree that this jdb behavior is somewhat user surprising,
and there is an existing bug report about it:

4702575 "TTY: Warn user before accepting a breakpoint if class is on exclude list"



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