OpenJDK on hppa (reprise)

Gary Benson gbenson at
Fri Aug 6 02:58:53 PDT 2010

Tom Marble wrote:
> Back in January there were some threads on this and specifically
> about the direction of stack growth [0] (cross posted [1] [2]).
> The Debian Java team has decided that as we need to support this
> architecture and thus I wanted to see if any others have attacked
> this or have any other tips about how difficult it may be to
> convince Zero to cooperate?

What happened in January was some people talked about difficulties
that *might* arise *if* they tried to make Zero work on HPPA.

To actually make Zero work on HPPA what needs to happen is that
somebody with a machine needs to grab a copy of OpenJDK and try
to build and run it.

I'm available by email and on #openjdk to help people with any
issues they have with Zero and Shark on any platform.



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