How to load applet bytecode to HotSpot VM

Yi Yang idealistyy at
Thu Aug 19 10:53:16 PDT 2010

Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. Sure. I can use appletviewer to test the applet.
However, my object is not this. I want to add a small code snippet to the
HotSpot VM so that it can print out the methods invoked information when an
applet is running. I think the appletviewer is linked with the HotSpot under
jdk7 directory. How can I link the appletviewer to "my" HotSpot project?
Does it mean I need to directly change the HotSpot code under jdk7
directory? Thank you very much.


2010/8/19 John Pampuch <john.pampuch at>

>  You'll need to use "appletviewer", which is included in the JDK (in the
> bin directory) in order to run an applet outside of the context of a web
> browser.
> -John
> On 8/19/10 9:43 AM, Yi Yang wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a question about HotSpot VM. Thanks for your attention in advance.
> My object is to load applet bytecode (applet.class) to HotSpot VM and then
> record the methods invoked by the applet. However, I have no idea how to
> load the applet bytecode.  For example, I can use the command "gamma
> testClass" to load the file "testClass.class". But how about the applet
> bytecode without a main entry point? If I use "gamma applet", then here is
> the error message: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
> main
> Could you please give me some hints?Hope to hearing from you soon. Thank
> you.
> Best,
> Yi
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