Throwable types handled specially in the VM?

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Fri Aug 20 02:27:47 PDT 2010

A comment aside:
     int[] ia = new int[SIZE];
     Arrays.fill(ia, 1234);

The 1st line causes the array to be first filled with zeroes according 
the JLS.
The 2nd line causes the array to be *again* filled with 1234's.

This situation could be optimized by the JIT in skipping the zero-filling.
Maybe this is just done by HotSpot, then forget my 2 cents.

1 cent more:
To give programmer better control of that and to enhance the interpreter 
in the same way, we would need to have an additional syntax, something like:
int [] ia = new int[SIZE](1234); // Project Coin candidate!


Am 20.08.2010 04:03, schrieb Joe Darcy:
> Hello.
> As part of Project Coin, try-with-resources/ARM blocks have recently 
> been integrated into JDK 7.  Part of this feature is changes to 
> java.lang.Throwable to support recording of suppressed exception 
> information (6911258 "Project Coin: Add essential API support for 
> Automatic Resource Management (ARM) blocks").  Subsequently, some more 
> changes in Throwable were necessary to fix a regression in the ability 
> to print the stack traces of specially handled OutOfMemoryErrors 
> (6973831 "NPE when printing stack trace of OOME").
> Are there any other Throwable types which receive special handling or 
> creation by the VM?  If there are any, I'd like to examine them to 
> find and correct and additional issues.
> Thanks,
> -Joe

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