Request for approval: 6929067: Stack guard pages should be removed when thread is detached

Coleen Phillimore Coleen.Phillimore at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 4 14:42:21 PST 2010

I'm also reviewing this change but I also had the same question about 
iostream.  I don't know the history either.  We have a similar function 
in os_linux.cpp called find_vma() which uses standard C file io.  You 
could rewrite get_stack_bounds() if there's a reason to.

The other thing, || *jaxws/ *is checked into a different 
repository (not the hotspot one).

Also, I believe you need to add comments from the discussion in the 
emails in the new os_linux.cpp functions, because I for one will lose 
the email connection but it would be useful to preserve the reason for 
this change.

Lastly, Andrew, do you need a sun employee to check this in?  I will do 
this once we resolve the issues above.


David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Andrew,
> Andrew Haley said the following on 03/05/10 01:58:
>> This bug causes OpenOffice to crash on Linux systems.
>> Webrev at
> We don't use the C++ streams in Hotspot code. I don't know why 
> (historical no doubt) and I don't know if it can actually cause 
> problems, but we don't do it.
> I can't comment on the technical aspect of the changes.
> Cheers,
> David Holmes

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