JVM crash with Server 1.6.0_18 (hotspot 16.0) on Win64 but not 1.6.0_16

David Sitsky sits at nuix.com
Mon Mar 29 17:33:04 PDT 2010

Hi David,

Many thanks for your reply.

> I can not see any open bug reports that match this issue. Did anyone even
> get a Review Id back from Sun when they submitted the bug report?

I got a review ID of 1724814, but have had no further correspondence.

> Often with these bugs the GC is the victim, encountering an invalid oop that
> has been corrupted by other parts of the system. Unfortunately the site of
> the detection can be very far removed from the site of the corruption.
> A small reproducible test case is invaluable if it can be created.

I know.. I wish it was possible, but given the complexity of our
system, being able to create a unit test from it will be very hard.  I
am happy to try running any other diagnostics that might assist?


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