JVM crash with Server 1.6.0_18 (hotspot 16.0) on Win64 but not 1.6.0_16

David Holmes David.Holmes at oracle.com
Mon Mar 29 23:02:32 PDT 2010

David Sitsky said the following on 03/30/10 14:47:
>>> Does anyone know if there will be a 1.6.0_19 release with this issue
>>> fixed so a flag doesn't need to be specified?
>> 6u19 is already announced:
>> http://blogs.sun.com/security/category/news
>> but I can't comment on whether this issue might already have been addressed,
>> and if not when it might be addressed.
> I guess we'll wait and see and check the release notes.. hopefully it
> will be mentioned in there, as I couldn't find a public bug record for
> this.

I just found it: 6896647

Fixed in 6u19 and 6u20

David Holmes

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