My OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM crashes, what am I doing wrong?

Ralph Seichter openjdk-ml at
Fri Oct 29 12:27:18 PDT 2010

Hello list,

I wrote about a JVM crash in the bsd-port-dev mailing list, and Kurt
Miller suggested that I rather post here.

Based on I have built
OpenJDK on Mac OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard with the latest Xcode.

  $ java -version
  openjdk version "1.7.0-internal"
  OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-internal-ralph_2010_10_22_20_59-b00)
  OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 19.0-b05, mixed mode)

When I run a vanilla Tomcat 6.0.29 within Eclipse with this JVM, Tomcat
seems to be OK. However, when I run Tomcat standalone with JAVA_HOME and
JRE_HOME set to my OpenJDK build, Tomcat crashes whenever I try to
access the Tomcat manager application (please see attached log).

Maybe there is something wrong with my OpenJDK build, but how can I
verify this?

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