My OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM crashes, what am I doing wrong?

Ralph Seichter openjdk-ml at
Sat Oct 30 03:49:25 PDT 2010

On 30.10.10 00:17, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:

> try to switch off compressed oops: -XX:-UseCompressedOops.

I did as you and Dmitry Samersoff suggested:

  $ cat

Now I can access the Tomcat manager application without the JVM crashing.

> Build fastdebug JVM and run it to get more information.

Can I do this by specifying both 'SKIP_FASTDEBUG_BUILD=false' and
'DEBUG_NAME=fastdebug'? I am too fresh to OpenJDK and obviously have
some catching up to do, so could you hint at what documents I have to
read? Thanks.


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