Review request 6981484: Update development launcher

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Hi All,


So, another shot:


This time I have based the launcher code on JDK 6u22. I am using the same code for all platforms. Shared code are in src/share/tools/launcher. To minimize code duplication I have placed the shared solaris/linux code in src/os/posix/launcher. The windows code is in src/os/windows/launcher.


The launcher is now called hotspot(.exe). It will choose the JDK to use based on the values of JAVA_HOME or ALT_JAVA_HOME (the latter takes precedence).


The windows launcher is a normal executable with dynamic linking of jvm.dll. It has no special arguments.


The posix launcher is really a shell script that sets up LD_LIBRARY_PATH and some other things before calling the executable. The executable is still called gamma and is dynamically linked to The posix launcher accepts the following arguments:

  -gdb: launches gdb and runs the launcher until is loaded (to make it easier to set breakpoints)

  -gud: same as -gdb, but launches emacs in gud-mode.

  -dbx: launches dbx

  -valgrind: launches in the valgrind environment (if available)






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Hi Staffan,
Is this file src/os/windows/launcher/java.c
the same as ./os/linux/launcher/java.c and ./os/solaris/launcher/java.c
In fact, the sources in os/linux/launcher are almost exactly the same as os/solaris/launcher.
Can we have just one set?  Perhaps put it in directory src/share/tools/launcher and make the makefiles use these sources instead? Sorry to make more work but having the same 2000 lines of code somewhere else, guarantees one copy will always be wrong.


On 09/22/10 08:38, Staffan Larsen wrote: 

Here we go again:
Eventually, I'll get there...
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On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 05:23 -0700, Staffan Larsen wrote:

Thanks Christian - I obviously have some things to learn as a new
committer - didn't think about the copyrights :-)

Sure.  I was going the same route :-)
Now with updated copyrights.

As David already said.
-- Christian

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