OpenJDK Build Procedures

Kelly O'Hair kelly.ohair at
Mon Feb 7 09:37:01 PST 2011

It is critical that all changes to the OpenJDK build process, as  
defined in the existing Makefiles, be reviewed
by the Build Infrastructure Group ( 
build/) via the build-dev at
mailing list prior to integration into the public shared repositories.
This includes ANY change to the Makefiles, ant scripts, build property  
files, build dependencies, or
system configurations required.

We will make all attempts to keep this review lightweight, and in most  
cases this is just a double check
that the changes related to building are well understood, publicly  
discussed, and adequately documented.

The OpenJDK Build README files at:
will be updated soon and I encourage anyone with suggested fixes to  
these documents to send me a note.

If necessary, I will pursue a 'hg rollback' of changesets pushed  
without this build review.


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