Request for review (M) 7017824: Add support for creating 64-bit Visual Studio projects

Staffan Larsen staffan.larsen at
Thu Feb 10 07:06:44 PST 2011


The current make\windows\create.bat script can only create visual studio projects for 32-bit targets (Win32), it should also be possible to create 64-bit targets (x64).


This fix generates two different project files, one for 32-bit target and one for 64-bit targets. While it would be great to have both targets in the same project, the current tools are not written in a way that makes it easy to fix this. The simple solution is two different projects: vs-i486\jvm.vcproj and vs-amd64\jvm.vcproj.


The create.bat script will detect which target to create by checking which version of the cl.exe compiler is in the PATH. 


I have also removed the define of MSC_VER when invoking the complier. Instead the define _MSC_VER is used, which is defined by the compiler.



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