Request for review (M) 7017824: Add support for creating 64-bit Visual Studio projects

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at
Thu Feb 10 22:16:56 PST 2011

Looks good, Staffan! I tried creating an x64 project and it works 

A couple of questions:

* Do we have to allow duplicates file names due to the closed src 
( 238-244)?
* Are the Eclipse autogenerated methods in 
needed? Should they be included?
* When I bild an x64 project in Visual Studio I get to choose between 
Win32 and x64 in the platform drop down list. The Win32 platform does 
not build (expected behaviour). Could that be removed from the drop 
down? This is not important it is easy to select x64, so no show stopper.

And minor thing. Copyright year should be 2011 for all files.

Thanks for fixing this!

On 2011-02-10 16:06, Staffan Larsen wrote:
> <>
> The current make\windows\create.bat script can only create visual 
> studio projects for 32-bit targets (Win32), it should also be possible 
> to create 64-bit targets (x64).
> This fix generates two different project files, one for 32-bit target 
> and one for 64-bit targets. While it would be great to have both 
> targets in the same project, the current tools are not written in a 
> way that makes it easy to fix this. The simple solution is two 
> different projects: vs-i486\jvm.vcproj and vs-amd64\jvm.vcproj.
> The create.bat script will dete! ct which target to create by checking 
> which version of the cl.exe compiler is in the PATH.
> I have also removed the define of MSC_VER when invoking the complier. 
> Instead the define _/MSC/_VER is used, which is defined by the compiler.
> Thanks,
> /Staffan

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