Client VM on amd64

Ismael Juma mlists at
Thu Feb 17 01:30:39 PST 2011

Paul Hohensee <paul.hohensee at ...> writes: 
> The reason the commits mention amd64 and compressed oops is because the
> client compiler is part of the tiered compilation system (c1 + c2) 
> that's built into the server jvm and available via -XX:+TieredCompilation.
> The 64-bit client compiler must work in order for tiered compilation to work.

What is the status of TieredCompilation in terms of performance and stability?

I've been using it on my desktop (HS20) with IntelliJ IDEA and SBT (build
system for Scala) for a few weeks now and I've had no crashes as a result
of it. That is a good sign (in terms of stability, I haven't done any
performance testing yet), but it would also be good to know if there are
known issues with it and if there is a plan to solve them.


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