New hotspot project repos

Kelly O'Hair kelly.ohair at
Wed Jul 20 12:39:29 PDT 2011

A few questions:

Q1: Will the old jdk7/hotspot-* forests be deleted at some point to avoid confusion?

Q2: I assume these hsx/hotspot-* repositories are just single hotspot repositories, not forests?

Q3: I assume that jdk8/hotspot still exists and is related to hsx/hotspot-main, can you explain the
      process of how you will deliver changes into jdk8/hotspot?

Q4: It appears that jdk8/hotspot is out of date (jdk7-b143 vintage instead of b147), will that be fixed soon?

Q5: I assume that the same jcheck extension rules apply to these repositories:
       - No duplicate bugids in changesets
       - Same changeset comment syntax conventions
       - Whitespace rules on sources (no TABs allowed) etc.


On Jul 20, 2011, at 10:17 AM, Paul Hohensee wrote:

> Some may have noticed new Hotspot repos on  We've
> made the Hotspot project independent of any particular JDK project because Hotspot
> delivers into multiple JDKs.  These new repos replace the ones under the jdk7
> project for Hotspot development going forward.  They are
> hsx/hotspot-main
> This is the Hotspot integration repo and replaces jdk7/hotspot.
> hsx/hotspot-gc
> hsx/hotspot-rt
> hsx/hotspot-comp
> These are the Hotspot group repos and replace jdk7/hotspotgc, jdk7/hotspot-rt
> and jdk7/hotspot-comp.
> We've also changed when we create repos for specific Hotspot versions.  For update
> releases, we used to do it just before delivery into b01 of the update.  Now, we'll
> do it when we bump the version number.  The version-specific repos will be used
> as flow-through repos during promotion into various JDK master hotspot repos,
> so when development on a version is done the corresponding version-specific repo
> will contain the definitive source for that version.  The current Hotspot version repo
> for hs22 was created just yesterday and is
> hsx/hsx22
> Paul

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