Enhanced Class Redefinition JEP

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Jul 28 07:37:29 PDT 2011

Thomas Wuerthinger wrote:
> Hi all,
> find attached a JDK Enhancement-Proposal (JEP) for enhancing HotSpot's 
> class redefinition capabilities. The proposed features include 
> adding/removing methods and fields as well as adding supertypes. The 
> JEP includes links to a prototype implementation and technical 
> publications about the approach.
> Regards,
> Thomas Wuerthinger
Thomas - this looks very good work. A minor comment on the description 
is that you mention that it does not modify any Java APIs but I assume 
there is an opportunity to relax the restrictions specified in 
Instrumentation's redefineClasses and retransformClasses as specify the 
same restrictions as JVMTI today.


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