Merging BSDPort into HotSpot mainline

roger hoover rhoover at
Thu Jul 28 10:17:48 PDT 2011

As the first of many steps to integrate the Mac OS X Port into mainline jdk8, we need to merge the BSDPort code (on which the Mac OS X Port is based) into the jdk8 mainline.  This message is intended to begin the discussion of that merge for HotSpot.

To make the process manageable, we've looked through the diff and have attempted to break up the changes into some smaller pieces for better discussion and analysis.  In particular, since many of the changes are modifications upon the linux port, we've included diffs between linux and bsd for those files as a way to understand the otherwise huge additions of new stuff.

I've created wiki pages off the BSDPort page that contains these diffs.  Please add your comments and analysis to these pages so that It becomes a record of issues to be addressed in this merge.  The root sub-page is:

We're going to need someone on Oracle's hotspot team to help with this.  What is the next step?  Do I file a bug or change request?


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