Is i686 the minimum required for HotSpot on x86?

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Tue Mar 29 16:00:08 PDT 2011

On 08:23 Tue 29 Mar     , Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> Andrew,
> It would be nice to have call stack trace. I looked on attached hs_er* files and non of them has it. JIT (Client VM) 
> should not emit cmov instruction if it is not supported. Also there was suggestion in the report about running with 
> -Xint, did it help? I surprise someone still try to run Hotspot on i586 ;) I can't even find P4 around here. And we 
> definitely do not test on such machine (i586) so it is not supported.

I've prompted on the bug about the -Xint check.  It sounds like twisti has found the issue anyway.

I don't even have an x86 box I'd want to try compiling OpenJDK on.  The only x86 box I still have is a 233MHz one
I use for basic stuff like DNS, proxy, etc. and even that's i686.  Presumably, someone else thought of this and
that's why there's the switch twisti mentioned that allows you to only use certain instructions :-)

> Vladimir
> On 3/29/11 7:26 AM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> > We've just had a bug report for IcedTea which suggests that
> > HotSpot fails on any x86 platform below i686.
> >
> > The report is:
> >
> >
> >
> > and shows a failure caused by an attempt by the JIT to emit
> > an instruction which isn't present on i586.
> >
> > Does HotSpot require i686 as a minimum? Or is there something
> > else at fault here?
> >
> > Thanks,

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