Is i686 the minimum required for HotSpot on x86?

Erik Trimble erik.trimble at
Tue Mar 29 18:15:56 PDT 2011

On 3/29/2011 4:00 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> On 08:23 Tue 29 Mar     , Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> It would be nice to have call stack trace. I looked on attached hs_er* files and non of them has it. JIT (Client VM)
>> should not emit cmov instruction if it is not supported. Also there was suggestion in the report about running with
>> -Xint, did it help? I surprise someone still try to run Hotspot on i586 ;) I can't even find P4 around here. And we
>> definitely do not test on such machine (i586) so it is not supported.
> I've prompted on the bug about the -Xint check.  It sounds like twisti has found the issue anyway.
> I don't even have an x86 box I'd want to try compiling OpenJDK on.  The only x86 box I still have is a 233MHz one
> I use for basic stuff like DNS, proxy, etc. and even that's i686.  Presumably, someone else thought of this and
> that's why there's the switch twisti mentioned that allows you to only use certain instructions :-)

Actually, that brings up a good point. I can't think of any current x86 
CPU that isn't a superset of i686.

Are there any such beasts?  I ask, simply because at some point, we 
(i.e. the community, not Oracle) should probably be making some 
statement/decision about minimum supported configuration.

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