JEP 122: Remove the Permanent Generation

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Fri Nov 4 07:49:56 PDT 2011


Are you asking about parts of the project that will
be visible to a Java application?   For example,
some objects have already been moved out of the
permanent generation into the Java heap so some
increase (generally small but application dependent)
in the Java heap usage was seen.   Or are your
asking about changes that are only visible
internally to hotspot?  For example, not all the
garbage collectors are working yet, there's still
compiler (JIT) work that has to be completed,
we need to better manage the native memory
used for the class metadata (we expect that using
malloc and free will lead to too much fragmentation
in the Cheap),  Class Data Sharing still needs to
be fixed and the list goes on.


On 11/4/2011 1:54 AM, Ismael Juma wrote:
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>> Posted:
> Excellent. Since this effort has been going on for a while and parts of it have
> already been integrated, is there some information on what still has to be done?
> Best,
> Ismael

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