Request for review: 7069991: Setup make/ files for jdk8

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Nov 23 17:48:14 PST 2011

Kelly and I have had this discussion just recently because of problems 
with repos getting hard-wired release values (eg you couldn't submit a 
6UX repo using -ejdk6 to build embedded because it had been hard-wired 
to jdk6!)

Logically I want what Keith wants: -release on the submit overrides both 
the JPRT default and whatever is specified in the file 
(though I don't really see a need to hard-wire things in the properties 

With such a scheme I see the following:
- JPRT defines the default release
   - this gets updated over time (should be 8 now)
   - this can be overridden by the submission or the repo
- the hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot always accepts whatever 
release is passed to it from the JPRT system (either default or -release 
option) as today
- the hsx/hsNN/hotspot can hardwire a specific release 
if they are only applicable to that release - else it remains as for 
hotspot-main and -release must be used on submission.

My suggestion for today is that this change request be rejected, and 
that JPRT's default release be switched to 8.


On 24/11/2011 4:00 AM, Keith McGuigan wrote:
> On Nov 23, 2011, at 12:20 PM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> So let me see if I can understand the flow here now...
>> * jprt submit starts up
>> * reads the internal properties of JPRT to see what it thinks the
>> default should be
>> * reads the options supplied to find any explicit release asked for
>> (explicit release does override all settings)
>> * sets jprt.submit.release to the release it thinks it is at this point
>> * THEN it reads the hotspot/make/ file, which should
>> inspect jprt.submit.release to set the right target lists
>> * If no explicit release was set, it checks for
>> So the value of jprt.submit.release is either the explicit release
>> specified by the user, or the default JPRT release
>> but you cannot tell the difference.... I think what I should do is
>> only set jprt.submit.release to the explicit release
>> from the command line, and leave it empty when there was none.
> How about this:
> (don't care about the actual names, just placeholders for the logic)
> jprt.default => JPRT system default
> jprt.repo.default => default release value read out of repo's
> file
> jprt.submit.value => value of -release on the submit command line.
> actual release = jprt.submit.value, if non-NULL, otherwise
> jprt.repo.default, if non-NULL, otherwise jprt.default
> ?
> --
> - Keith

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